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J Lee Grady

J. Lee Grady

is an author, award-winning journalist and an ordained minister. For 17 years he worked for Charisma magazine, one of America’s most widely distributed evangelical Christian publications, and he served as editor for 11 of those years. He is the author of four books including 10 Lies the Church Tells Women, and he focuses much of his ministry on releasing women in ministry. He has taken his message to 24 countries. Lee and his wife, Deborah, have four daughters. They live near Orlando, Florida.

The Mordecai Project


new life for girls

New Life For Girls

New Life for Girls has developed a comprehensive program to address the special needs of women to:

  • Free her from her addiction
  • Restore her sense of self worth
  • Train her to re-enter society in a productive role

We are happy to support this ministry and see these girls fulfill their potential in Christ.



the anonby family

Wycliffe Bible Translators 
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200
1-800-992-5433 X3669

Wycliffe Bible Translators



For those that are interested in supporting Raquel in this mission, Donation and check can be made out to:

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Raquel Anonby
Next Level International (NCI)
P.O. Box 10148
South Bend, IN 46680

Stan Anonby

was raised in Argentina, where his parents were church planters. After returning to Canada he attended high school in Ban-head, Alberta and later completed a Bachelor of Theology degree in Saskatoon. Cross-cultural work has interested Stan since he was 13, but it was while he was studying Hebrew in Israel in 1985 that he realized how much he enjoyed languages and began corresponding with Wycliffe.

   In 1986, he married musically gifted Sandy Dempster from Ottawa, Ontario. She has since completed a Certificate of Theology and an RN diploma.

   Between 1995 and 1999, Stan learned and taught Kwak'wala while pastoring a church with Kwak'wala speakers in Alert Bay, off the coast of Vancouver. Sandy did home care nursing for the 'Namgis Band. In 1997, after Stan completed an MA in linguistics and Sandy completed two semesters of linguistics, they became Wycliffe members.

   In 2001 the Anonbys moved to Brazil, where they worked in survey. They have two daughters, Jillian (12/87) and Raquel (02/93).

Stan and Sandy have been involved in language survey to help determine which language groups 
Bible translation. Sandy has also worked as the director of personnel for Wycliffe Brazil. Their skills are much needed in the task of getting God's Word out to people in their own language.
   We are happy to have the Anonbys in our missionary list of support at the Bilingual Christian Church. They have a need for a strong group of committed financial and prayer partners.

Raquel Anonbygraduated from high school and would like to serve in missions before attending college. She is planning to serve for 4-6 months beginning August 2011 At the Abundant Love Children’s Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She will be helping tutoring the children after classes. Her main goal is to give hill tribe children an opportunity to attend school and increase their education and provide  better future opportunities. The hill tribes are the indigenous people of Thailand  and Abundant Love works with 90 of these children.


Three main objective:        

  • To create a safe environment and educate underprivileged children from grades 1-12 

  • To evangelize the children so that they will be given opportunity to choose Jesus and to grow spiritually

  • To help them develop life skills by providing a variety of vocational experiences.

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Bernie Niess

Missionary to Mexico



Timoteo Aponte

Missionary to Chihuahua, Mexico


Medad Birungi

Medad Birungi

World Shine Uganda


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Pastor Joseph Gonzalez

Sonshine Ministry








Juan Sebastia




Pastores Antonio & Noris Martinez

Ministerio Delyeans | Peru

Embajadores de Cristo



Pastor Pablo Espinosa




Pastor Otoniel Morales





Leley J.W. Valerius


International Student