Gerardo and Milta Toro

Associate Pastors

Picture of Jose Chacon

Jose Chacon

Deacon | First Step Classes | Treasurer

Picture of Carmin Alvelo

Carmin Alvelo

Secretary | School of Ministry

Picture of Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez

Men's Ministry

Picture of Ivette Jimenez

Ivette Jimenez

Women's Ministry

Picture of Miguel and Maria Chacon

Miguel & Maria Chacon

Youth Ministry

Picture of Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda

Nursery Ministry

Picture of Luis and Maribel Vazquez

Luis & Maribel Vazquez

Children's Ministry

Picture of Maria and Jorge Marquez

Maria & Jorge Marquez

Head Ushers

Picture of Luz Santiago

Luz Santiago

Deaconess | Couples Discipleship | Family Bible Study


Gerardo and his wife Milta have been serving the Lord and this church over 25 years. Gerardo is the Men's Ministry Director; he preaches the word, First Step Teacher. His wife Milta is an Assistant for the Women's Ministry, preaches and had taught in Sunday School for many years. They have been faithful servants to the Bilingual Christian Church. They have been appointed Associate Pastors as of 2011. They have two children and three grandchildren.

Rev. Roque and Maggie Santiago are the Founders of the Bilingual Christian Church of Baltimore, Maryland. They are ministers for 39 years and as of 2009 they were appointed the Senior Pastors of the Bilingual Christian Church of Harrisburg, PA. Rev. Roque Santiago is an ordained minister with Bilingual Christian Fellowship. Rev. Santiago has a diploma in Theology with A/G, and a BA and Masters degree in Theology from Christian Life School of Theology. Rev. Maggie Santiago is an ordained minister for the Bilingual Christian Fellowship. Her ministry focus is in Christian Education and Missions. She has a Diploma in Theology with A/G’s, and a BA and Masters Degree in Theology from Christian Life School of Theology. The Santiago’s work as a team taking the Gospel to the nations, making disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ.